Niroshan Satkunalingam

Trader of the Month - January

Niroshan is delighted to have won his second trader of the month in January. He discusses this month's trading and his future goals.

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Met Culture

Gerhard Hartwig

Ongoing Greek Turmoil

Negotiations between Greece and the Euro zone have been dominating the news headlines for last few weeks and with good reason. Yanis Varoufakis, the new Greek finance minister, has been trying to exit the current bailout programme provided to the previous Greek government by the ECB. The new Greek government, led by the far leftist Syriza party, came to power on the back of promises to end the austerity measures as required by the ECB bailout programme.

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Market Insight

Anand Giani

Has the fall in Oil ended?

Has the fall in Oil ended?

Since June 2014, crude oil dropped nearly 60%. Only 5 times in the past have prices dropped more than 30%.

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Market Insight

Ashley Chadwick

February Quarterly Inflation Report

With the release of the Bank of England’s Quarterly Inflation report the expectations of UK inflation over the next few years has been outlined.

The statement and the conference held after were more Hawkish on the whole.

The Pound caught a bid and within half an hour was up a point on the day, trading at 1.5340.

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Andrew Kiddey

Syriza takes control

With the recent controversial formation of a coalition government in Greece, Andrew Kiddey provides a bit of insight into the effects it is having on the markets.

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Meet a trader

Hear a personal take on Met Traders from the inside. What’s great, what’s tough and what it’s really like to work here.

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