Ashley Chadwick

February Quarterly Inflation Report

With the release of the Bank of England’s Quarterly Inflation report the expectations of UK inflation over the next few years has been outlined.

The statement and the conference held after were more Hawkish on the whole.

The Pound caught a bid and within half an hour was up a point on the day, trading at 1.5340.

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Andrew Kiddey

Syriza takes control

With the recent controversial formation of a coalition government in Greece, Andrew Kiddey provides a bit of insight into the effects it is having on the markets.

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Steven Wood

ECB announces QE

On Thursday 22nd of January, ECB President Mario Draghi announced that, starting in March and lasting until at least 2016, the ECB would conduct a €60 billion monthly private and public bond-buying program. This was more than the €50 billion per month that had been expected, and in total, the Quantitative Easing program will likely amount to about one trillion Euros.

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Niroshan Satkunalingam

Swiss Franc Shocker

On the 15th of January 2015, the Swiss National Bank shocked the world by removing its euro exchange rate peg causing one of the biggest shake ups in foreign exchange history. Introduced during the debt crisis in 2011 to promote stability, the SNB would buy euros and other currencies to prevent the strengthening of the Swiss franc.

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Niroshan Satkunalingam

Trader of the Month - December

After trading four months live, I am delighted to have won trader of the month in December. I started being more involved in the Eurodollar market, where it has recently been volatile. This gave me the opportunity to get into good longer-term trades.

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Met Culture

Meet a trader

Hear a personal take on Met Traders from the inside. What’s great, what’s tough and what it’s really like to work here.

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