Rishi Shah

Factors impacting the Chinese Slowdown in GDP

Not so long ago, the Chinese economy was the fastest growing economy in the world, deemed to surpass the USA in absolute GDP terms as the largest economy by size. There are a number of reasons both internal and external, which are responsible for the recent slowdown in growth for China.

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Ashley Chadwick

Aye to Scotland

With the Scottish independence vote coming up on September 18th, there has been a lot of volatility surrounding some British markets. This has particular been seen in the value of Sterling. Uncertainty over the outcome of the vote, as well as uncertainty over what currency an independent Scotland would use has hit the value of the Pound.

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Chris Peters

House Prices

Prior to 2013 house prices increased predominantly in central London Boroughs due to an influx of cash-rich buyers. However, the housing market remained sluggish in other areas of Britain. This was partly due to the difficulty encountered by potential buyers in finding mortgages. Moreover, falling wages, economic uncertainty and the memory of falling house prices during the crisis also reduced people's intention to purchase property.

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Meet a trader

Hear a personal take on Met Traders from the inside. What’s great, what’s tough and what it’s really like to work here.

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