Ashley Chadwick

Friday Flash Crash

In the early hours of Friday morning, Sterling fell over 6% against the dollar in just two minutes. Sources differ, but Cable traded at $1.20 forming massive new 31 year lows.

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Ben McDonald

Falling Cable and Brexit Beckoning

The British pound has slumped today over comments from UK Prime Minister Theresa May that the country is set for a “Hard Brexit”. The official negotiation period will be issued to the EU in March 2017.

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Lily Mats

Deutsche in Distress

Deutsche, one of the top 10 biggest global banks was described as the world’s most dangerous bank by the International Monetary Fund. The Bank is facing a giant penalty of $14bn from the US Department of Justice for alleged mis-selling of mortgage bonds before the financial crisis of 2008.

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Jugraj Deol

Hammond's Migration Pledge

In an attempt to reassure the City’s financial services industry of protection during Brexit negotiations, Phillip Hammond pledged to maintain free movement for “highly-skilled businessmen and women” after the UK leaves the European Union.

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Jugraj Deol

Apple Pays, or not?

After a three-year investigation, the European commission has found Apple’s “sweetheart” tax agreement with Ireland to be illegal and concluded Apple will have to pay back £13billion in taxes.

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Market Insight

Meet a trader

Hear a personal take on Met Traders from the inside. What’s great, what’s tough and what it’s really like to work here.

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