Jugraj Deol

Debt Issuance, Saudi Size.

Investors are queuing in their dozens for Saudi Arabian debt, with the country experiencing “massive levels of demand” for their first international debt sale according to the Reuters.

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Jugraj Deol

Oil: From Bear to Bull

Following its seventh straight day of gains on Friday 19th, Brent Crude hit its highest level post Brexit, only a day after it charged into bull market territory. Factors contributing to this upward outlook include unexpected declines in US stock piles, a weaker dollar making commodities cheaper to foreign currency holders and possible discussions for an output freeze at next month’s OPEC meeting.

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Dean De Villiers

The Bank of Japan and the Abyss

With bazookas of quantitative easing being fired off around the globe by central banks, my attention turns to the ones who fired first.

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Zyman Marzuki

Sterling on the Skids

Sterling has fallen to levels not seen since the mid–1980s when Margaret Thatcher waged her crusade against the trade unions. The unions are now no more, but the UK faces similar challenging political and economic headwinds following the 23 June 2016 referendum result in favour of leaving the EU.

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Klark Schoburgh

Donald Trump reveals Economic plan

Donald trump revealed his economic plans this week which drew an unsurprising mixed reaction. He proposed a cut in top tier tax, cut in corporation tax, and an axe to regulation.

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