Ashley Chadwick

EU nationals and uncertainty

In the wake of the Brexit vote one of the main areas of uncertainty surrounds the status of EU nationals living and working in the UK

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Ashley Chadwick

Special report - Current state of play after vote for Brexit

We are now a week removed from the EU referendum and the British people voting to be the first country to leave the EU. This has seen a lot of turmoil spread through the markets and major political upheaval. With everything that has gone on, it is worthwhile taking the time to review what has happened and forecast what might be next.

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Frank De Gorter

Reuniting Europe

Disbelief, anger and fear describe the feelings among the Europeans that saw leave win a majority vote in the Brexit referendum last Thursday.

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Jugraj Deol

Brexit - What next?

An era of uncertainty had engulfed Europe following Britain’s biggest decision in more than a generation - to leave the EU.

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Marco Geraghty

50 shades of Blue

With the resignation of David Cameron after the vote to leave the EU, the Conservative party and the government has been thrown into disarray as the search for the next Conservative leader and therefore Prime Minister begins.

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Meet a trader

Hear a personal take on Met Traders from the inside. What’s great, what’s tough and what it’s really like to work here.

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