Professional Trading Course

MET have decided to share their secrets with the World, teaching how a professional Proprietary firm has been doing it for years in our brand new Trading Courses.

There are many skills that all successful traders have, which you will need to develop before you can become profitable.

Here at Met, our experts will teach you everything you need to develop those skills. Without a clear knowledge of all these aspects of trading, you will be destined to lose money.

In our one week trading course, we will teach you the fundamentals that drive the financial markets and how to interpret data releases to give you an edge. Our introduction into technical analysis presentations will provide you with the tools needed to make the most of your charts. Then our sessions on trading psychology, discipline and risk management will ensure you have the well rounded skill set required to become a successful trader. During the course you will be able to put this all into practice on a simulator on our trading floor, where all your trades will be analysed and discussed with you.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to gain invaluable hands on experience which would set you apart from anyone else applying for Bank/hedge fund trading roles in the future, or from the average individual trading thier own funds, as our trading course offers more live experience and a more intense knowledge fuelled programme than a 3 month summer internship in a bank, or a series of online videos.

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Full 8 week Trading Course with potential to manage funds

Our full 8 week program will provide you with all the secrets of the Met strategy that our traders have been using for decades to successfully trade. The entire course takes place at our trading office in West Hampstead.

During the first month you will learn the Met strategy in depth, as well as a complete guide to technical analysis. We will cover everything from the intensive 1 week course. There will also be presentations from industry professional from outside of MET. Included in the first month will be tests to monitor your progress and ensure your understanding.

The second month will consist entirely of simulator trading, where we will continue to analyse and advise on your trades. Anyone who is successful on the simulator, will be given the opportunity to trade here at MET with the company's funds.

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