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  • Director

    Steven Gordon talks about how he got into trading and why he recommends Met Traders for aspiring traders.

  • Trainee trader

    Before successfully completing the Met Traders Graduate Trader Training course, James talks about why he enjoys the course and why he recommends Met Traders.

  • Junior trader

    Zena talks about life as a trader and why she recommends Met Traders.

  • Junior trader

    Debo talks about life as a trader and why he recommends Met Traders.

  • Senior Trader

    Ioannis talks about life as a trader and why he recommends Met Traders.

“I decided to pursue a career in trading after working as a manager at a big four accountancy firm. The training program was intensive, covering both fundamental and technical analysis, and various products.

The theory was repeatedly tested to ensure that I had a solid grasp of the concepts, which I then had the opportunity to put in practice via trading on the simulator. I found the course to be extremely intense and enjoyed the steep learning curve.. ”

— Sumir Shah

“The graduate course at MET Traders is an incredibly well structured, intense but rewarding eight week programme that prepared me brilliantly for a career as a futures trader.

Going into the course I knew little about trading futures markets but the combination of classroom teaching, group work, the studying of technical analysis, trading exercises coupled with thorough testing gave me a solid understanding of all that is needed to succeed in trading. The chance to put all this knowledge into action on the simulator ensured that I was ready to trade live following the course. The only problem is that the trader that runs the course is a Liverpool fan, so don’t mention their 2 – 1 loss to Manchester United earlier this year. The course is taught by professional traders and the chance to learn from those with genuine experience in the industry is something that has definitely given me the edge that will allow me to pursue my ambition of becoming a successful futures trader. ”

— Luke Smith

“The graduate program is intense: it covers different aspects of technical analysis and MET Traders’ in-house trading strategy. Most people will find the training period challenging, but successfully completing this course will give you the tools to become a profitable trader.

I find the environment at MET Traders extremely friendly, where other traders are willing to help. Personally, I think it is important and crucial for graduates to learn trading in a firm which there are other successful traders with years of trading experience. I am enjoying my trading at MET which gives junior traders quick progression as you prove yourself. If you want to become a successful trader, you are welcome to join us. ”

— Jack Jiang

“I undertook the 2 month training course after trading for 3 months prior. My aim was to increase my opportunities with new markets and develop an additional trading strategy. I feel learning how to trade the flies and condors has given me that edge I was looking for, majorly improving my trading confidence and enabling me to view the market in different ways.

One of the main sections I enjoyed was the analysis section. We explored a wide variety of technical tools that are commonly used, allowing us to make our own interpretations on which we like and will continue to practise. I also found the fundamental side particularly relevant; learning who to listen out for on announcements, the language they may use, and how it will ultimately affect the markets. I feel this course is a fantastic introduction to futures trading, covering all the basics one will need if they are to pursue a career in this industry. The constant examinations do a good job of keeping you on your toes, and the simulator allows participants to have some real market experience, putting their newly acquired skills and strategies into practice whilst preparing for the real thing. ”

— Dan Saffrin

“The course develops good understanding of macro factors that drive fixed income and commodity markets. One can have a good understanding of applied technical analysis, gained by delivering weekly presentations on his/her trading ideas. Best thing is that the course is delivered and mentored by an experienced trader. Considering the short course duration, I shall recommend it to someone who is genuinely interested in trading and willing to put in extra effort as the course demands.

— Samardeep Singh