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The Course

A trainee’s day includes:

Theory Testing on maths and market knowledge
Simulated accounts Trading and exit strategy
Early starts and late finishes

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Course overview

Our eight-week intensive training programme combines theory and practice, with daily testing and assessment. You’ll learn everything you need to know to trade the Futures and FX markets:

Part 1 ‐ Theoretical understanding of the markets with a particular focus on fixed income and commodity products.:

  • fundamental analysis of markets
  • technical analysis of markets
  • in-house trading strategies
  • tools and charting techniques
  • risk management
  • problem solving, numerical and mental agility challenges

Part 2 ‐ Put your knowledge into practice as you trade on a simulator with live prices. You will be continually assessed on the profit and losses generated from your trading during these four weeks.

  • Application of risk management
  • Developing an understanding of trading psychology
  • Dealing with highly pressurised environments
  • Trading discipline
  • General market awareness and focus

Developed by Met Traders and the Trading & Development Consultant, Gansham Halai, our course is based on our proven trading model and is well respected throughout the industry. A perfect blend of theory and practice, it is a thorough course covering technical and fundamental analysis while also helping you develop and understanding of trading psychology, risk management and trading discipline – all essential skills to become a successful trader. It is constantly evolving to ensure that it is relevant, dynamic and right up to date with new policies, and regulations that may affect the markets. In just eight weeks of intensive training, you will learn everything you need to become a successful trader.

Unlike many others, our training course is entirely at our trading office. Think of this as a Masters Degree programme condensed into eight intense weeks. After that, you’re off, trading for real, and it’s down to your nerve and discipline.

Our standards are high; there is no room for mediocrity. Only the most determined and focused will make it onto the trading floor. But once you’re there, the opportunities are vast.